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Welcome to Alexandria!

Founded by Alexander the Great in 334 BC and named after him, Alexandria has a rich and illustrious past. Declared his capital by the conquering Greek hero, this once insignificant fishing village went on to become one of the most prominent cities of the ancient world. Alexandria remained the capital of Egypt throughout the following millennium, even as it came to be ruled by Rome, Byzantine and later by Persia. Tourism in Alexandria has evolved in a big way, catering to the legions of tourists who come to visit every year. Alexandria hotels are many and varied, and the prime Alexandria tourist attractions have been developed, making Alexandria one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Egypt.

Known as 'the Pearl of the Mediterranean’, Alexandria retains its cosmopolitan nature and Mediterranean ambience.

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Witness to a lot of important historic events, the city also attracted and was home to many great legends of the period. It also set the backdrop for the famous romance, later immortalised by Shakespeare, of Anthony and Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt.

A great centre of trade, culture and learning, the city was also home to two great Alexandria attractions – a famous lighthouse and a great library. The lighthouse of Alexandria, built in the 3rd century BC on the island of Pharos, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Second only to the Pyramids in height, the three-storied structure had mirrors on the top to reflect sunlight during the daytime and used fire during the night as a beacon for seafarers.

The library of Alexandria was the largest library in the world and a great repository of knowledge. Said to have held 500,000 books, the library attracted scholars, thinkers and philosophers from many parts of the world. Unfortunately, both were destroyed long ago and even remnants have been hard to come by. But a new grand library has come up in Alexandria and plans are afoot to make it the new Alexandria library the great centre of learning as it once had been. Our Map of Alexandria shows the location of many of the great things to see and do in Alexandria and their proximity to our suggested Alexandria hotels.

Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria remains a bustling centre of trade and a major port. A good number of tourists flock to Alexandria every year and few go back disappointed. Slices of history and remnants of a once great era are present everywhere and there are many arresting Alexandria tours and activities to be experienced to introduce you to the vast history of this great city. Moreover, remains of the great ancient civilisation, including statuettes and granite columns, are being discovered along the bays and harbours these days, bringing renewed interest among archaeologists and common man alike. Book your Alexandria hotel to get your chance to experience history in the making.

Alexandria is an easy 2-hour trip to Cairo, and there are plenty of Alexandria tour combinations on offer, allowing you to choose the sites most interesting to you. Take a tour of the pyramids from Alexandria, or spend day tour in Cairo from Alexandria

During summer, people from Cairo and the hinterland make for Alexandria in large numbers to escape from the summer heat. Many, especially young people, also come in to just stroll along the Corniche or to enjoy the atmosphere along the beach. During this season it is wise to book your hotels in Alexandria in advance to avoid disappointment. Booking your Alexandria shore excursions tours and activities in advance will help you beat the crowds to the many tourist attractions in Alexandria.

Choose from our wide range of recommended hotels in Alexandria, and join one or more of our Alexandria shore excursiond tours and trips and then just sit back and relax and enjoy your Alexandria vacation! If you would like to speak with one of our team about an Alexandria hotel or tour, please visit our Contact Us page. We will happily provide any advice or assistance to you!

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Welcome to Alexandria!

Alexandria hotels team

Meet Sherif Abd Elwahab and his team at WHL Egypt, your local connection in Alexandria, the gateway to Egypt! With an extensive knowledge of Alexandria and an experienced local staff working on the ground, we put great emphasis on preserving our beautiful country and providing premium trips with personalised service. Speak with us for an authentic Alexandria experience!




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